Did you ever think that you would arrange people’s life better than your municipality does? Or maybe you’d wish yourself another life, not like your actual? The perfect home, perfect relationships, perfect environment and lifestyle? Not that it’s so easy in real life. But since we have Sims, you have where to draw a perfect blueprint.

Thanks to Electronic Arts, there is a life you can control entirely, without any rules but those you set. There is always

  • something to build

  • something to buy

  • something to revamp in your appearance

  • something to reach in your quests

  • some new people and new aspects of social life

… and it may last forever. And right in the moment you seem to have gone it all through, you discover some new downloadable content!

Oh, Sims life is so much fun! It can be taken as more than just a game. Not a life simulator, but a life trainer machine. If you don’t know how to keep your house to be happy, how to get yourself a perfect company, how to make your environment better – well, just simulate it in Sims. We don’t guarantee it will work. We just enjoy it.

So, if you like being in Sims world, you’ll probably want a souvenir from there, for yourself or for someone just as fond. And we have good news: we know how to deliver it from Sims country. And it takes just a few steps to get one at your PC!