Simmers, here we go again!

Check out The Sims™ 4 builds of the month, which are created and shared in the Gallery by our amazing community members and master builders.* This particular bunch was created using The Sims 4 Get Famous*, the latest expansion pack. Check ‘em out and download ASAP in The Gallery!

Extravagant Family Home by AvelineYT

Classic and luxurious, this mansion features a unique pool, basketball court, and pristine landscaping. Create special memories in this single-family paradise.

Celebrity Mansion by CXonor13

This self-proclaimed “gaudy” home will have all the neighbors talking. It’s the perfect place to pop bottles (of nectar) and show off your Sims’ success.

Del Sol Valley Mansion by RealThomasTV1

This build is an artists’ paradise. Not only does it feature a recording studio, art studio, and lush greenery, but Sims will go bonkers for the inventive pool and fountain.

Castle on the Hill by SarahAmina

Straight out of a fairytale comes this elevated castle, presiding over other homes with its medieval architecture and stone exterior. The terrain on this build really lifts our spirits!

Welcome to the Bungalow by silrosse

Snuggle up in this cozy craftsman, featuring a charming porch and fireplace. It’s the perfect place to start your Sims’ Del Sol Valley life.

Thanks to all five of these superstar players who are building amazing creations for the community! All of these builds are available via the Gallery.

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