The Sims 4 Cheats - Cheating Cheetah

For those of you, who are tired of challenges too difficult to beat, who don't want to patently grind for Simoleons through honest hard-working and those, who simply want to do some funny experimenting - our Sims 4 guide on cheats is at your service.

How to Enable Cheats in Sims 4?

In Sims 4 PC edition Press Ctrl + Shift + C in order to show/hide command-console. In Sims 4 PS4 version you will need to press all 4 shoulder buttons on your controller simultaneously. After you are done with entering a cheat-code, always push Enter to execute the command. Voila: the Sims 4 cheat codes are activated!

Why Aren't The Cheats Working in Sims 4?

In case some of the cheats refuse to work, first enter this command:

testingcheats true or testingcheats on

Both commands are identical. Then re-enter the code in question and press Enter. If nothing happens, check if you have entered the cheat correctly.

How Do I Get More Money On Sims 4?

Regularly it's done through working/enterprising/selling art, novels etc. But if you're way too impatient for that, enter the Sims 4 cheat money:

  • motherlode - 50,000 Simoleons.

  • kaching or rosebud - 1,000 Simoleons.

Basically, you can enter the money-cheats as many times as you need.

Sims 4 Cheat Relationship

Through cheats you can alter your relationship with other Sims or with animals. It is done through this clunky command: modifyrelationship yoursimfirst yoursimlast targetsimfirst targetsimlast x relationshiptype.

In this command you should enter first/last name of both you and the Sim you're interested in. X symbol stands for the emotion bar and can be 100%, 50% or even negative, thus evoking hatred.

relationshiptype that you can apply:

  • LTR_Friendship_main - Friendship.

  • LTR_Romance_Main - Romance/love.

To manipulate pets, use this command: LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main. Note: a pet must have a last name for that command to work.

Example of how you make a Sim fall in love with you:

modifyrelationship Charlotte Grey Arny Smith 100 LTR_Romance_main Note: the friendship meter must be high as well to make it work.

Sims 4 Cheats Needs - How to Refill?        

To fill your Sim’s need:

  1. Enter testingcheats true

  2. Shift + Click on your Sim/

  3. Fill the need.

How To Level Up Skills In Sims 4?

Sims 4 cheats for skills are an option too. To upgrade any skill in Sims 4 within a few a seconds, you'll have to utilize this command: stats.set_skill_level Major_SkillName X, where X stands for the skill level.

For instance: stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar 8 - your guitar skill level will be reset to 8.

Here are the skill shortcuts:

  • Major_Fishing

  • Major_Mischief

  • Major_Guitar

  • Major_Reaping

  • Major_Programming

  • Major_Gardening

  • Major_GourmetCooking

  • Major_Comedy

  • Major_Charisma

  • Major_Writing

  • Major_VideoGaming

  • Major_Violin

  • Major_RocketScience

  • Major_Painting

  • Major_Piano

  • Major_Logic

  • Major_Handiness

  • Major_HomestyleCooking

  • Major_Bartending

  • Major_Dj

  • Skill_Fitness

  • Skill_Child_Social

  • Skill_Child_Motor

  • Skill_Child_Creativity

  • Skill_Child_Mental

If a Sims 4 skill cheat doesn't work, make sure you’ve typed the code in right.

What Is The Cheat To Make Sims Happy?

In Sims 4 cheats make happy both your Sim and you. To alter your Sim's emotional state, apply this cheat-code: Sims.add_buff X, in which X denotes a specific emotion. For instance: Sims.add_buff social_angry - your Sim will lose their temper.

To make your Sim pleased and happy, enter: Sims.add_buff social_happy - and the trick is done.

Sims 4 unlock all items - How?

There is a way to trick the game and unlock everything you desire, but only in the Build Mode.

Do the following:

  • Toggle the console Ctrl + Shift + C.

  • Enter this: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement

Now the career items and three stylish extra-rooms are unlocked.

Sims 4 Secret Funny Tricks

1. Bills

Automatic bill-paying is possible through this cheat-code: households.autopay_bills.

2. Promotion/demotion

To make a quick promotion happen enter: careers.promote[name of career]. To earn an instant demotion enter: careers.demote[name of career]. And if you feel like quitting right this second, type in: careers.remove_career[name of career].

To unlock all the possible rewards in the chosen career, enter: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.

3. Sim spawning

To spawn a specific amount of Sims, use this: sims.spawnsimple[number of Sims desired]. However don't go too wild with the numbers - the game may crash due to overload.

4. Preplanned pregnancy

There is a way to make a certain Sim or a Ghost look "pregnant".

It is achievable through these commands:

  • sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester1 - Ghost/Sim becomes "pregnant" in the first trimester.

  • sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester2 - pregnancy in second trimester.

  • sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester3 - the same effect in the third trimester.

  • sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor - Ghost/Sim will be pregnant at term and if you obtain a cradle, a false birth will ensue.

5. InstaDeath

To get rid of a certain Sim, say in the Black Widow challenge, you can cause unavoidable death upon them:

  • sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warning - getting electrocuted, while fixing an electric device.

  • sims.add_buff buff_death_elderexhaustion_warning - death after a fitness session.

  • sims.add_buff buff_mortified - a Sim gets embarrassed,/disgraced so much, that he/she dies within the next 5 hours.

  • sims.add_buff buff_motives_hunger_starving - death from starvation within one day.

6. Interaction tricks

  • Enter testingcheats true in the console.

  • Enter cas.fulleditmode.

  • Shift + Click on an object and use the following cheats to produce effects upon it.


  • Sim - a Sim can be modified now, but the name and inherited traits will remain untouched.

  • Sim - reset a Sim.

  • Sim - add the Sim to the family (Add to Family)

  • Sim - motives will be full, mood reset to Happy (Cheat Motive > Make Happy)

  • Sim - change motives swiftly (Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay)

  • Sim - let the motives be solid/static (Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay)

  • Object - resets an object.

  • Dirty-able Object - an object becomes dirty.

  • Dirty Object - an object becomes clean.

  • Mailbox - mailbox gets reset.

  • Ground - a Sim gets teleported to a certain location.

7. Grim Reaper

You can play as Grim Reaper himself! To achieve that:

  • Enable the cheats.

  • Make one of the Sims in your household die.

  • Grim Reaper will be attracted by this sacrifice.

  • Shift+Click on him and press Add to Family, before he leaves the scene.

Now you can play as the Death Angel!