The Sims 4 Career Guide - Ultra Mega Awesome Job The Sims 4 features jobs & careers, which allows you to earn the in-game currency Simoleons and upgrade the quality of your lifestyle. The simulated persona of yours will have to work 4-5 times every week and the hourly wage depends on the type of career and how fast you achieve promotions. Our Sims 4 career guide will give you a few useful tips. Career: Astronaut Skills: Fitness, Logic, Rocket Science. Objectives: Space Flying. It is divided into three parts: Intern. Space Ranger. Interstellar Smuggler. The last two offer varying salaries with Space Ranger earning $11,816 and  Space Smuggler making $14,868 weekly. The choice is up to you, but the smuggling career is clearly more lucrative. And here is what this a bit tricky work schedule looks like with payment/promotion requirements included: Astronaut   Job Weekly Pay Promotion Logic/Fitness Daily objectives Work Schedule Work Hours Intern 936 No Chess M, Tue, W, F 8am-5pm Module Cleaner 1530 2/- Chess M, T, W, Thru, F 12pm-9pm Technician 1728 3/2 Chess Tue, W, Thu, F 1pm-9pm Command-center lead 2272 4/3 Training M, T, W, F 2pm-10pm Low-orbit specialist 2592 5/4 Training M, W, F 8am-5pm Space Cadet 3120 5/6 Training M, W, F 6am-4pm Astronaut 3570 6/7 Training M, W, F 8am-6pm   Space Smuggler: Moon Mercenary - $5,628. Alien Goods trader - $8,382. Interstellar Smuggler - $14,868. Tip: To succeed in this career path, your Sim should be Focused -> Self-assured. Career Athletic Skills: Charisma, Fitness. Objective: Work out, Mentor Fitness. This сareer may propel you to superstardom as Mr./Mrs. Solar System and also grant you a privilege of wearing a Lama Mascot costume. Athlete: Water Person - $444. Locker Room Attendant - $532. Team Mascot -  $784. Dance Team Captain -  $1,092. Bodybuilder: Personal trainer - $987. Pro Bodybuilder - $1,197. Champion Bodybuilder - $1,785. Trainer to the stars - $2,682. Celebrity Bodybuilder - $6,696. Mr./Mrs. Solar System - $12,000. Pro-Athlete: Minor-Leaguer - $1,428. Rookie - $1,848. Starter - $2,408. All-Start - $3,640. MVP - $5,808. Hall-of-Famer - $7,992. Tip: Bodybuilders can start teaching fitness earlier than other characters. TO keep your Sim energized, take a quick shower before each work-out session. Career: Business Skills: Logic, Charisma. Objectives: Fill Out Reports, Make Business Calls, Research Stocks. In this path you get to try Investing & Managing: it begins with the boring "Paperwork Drudgery". Senior Manager: Mailroom Technician - $640. Office Assistant - $800. Assistant to the Manager - $920. Assistant Manager - $1,400. Regional Manager- $2,120. Senior Manager - $3,000. Tycoon: Vice-President - $3,600. President - $5,360. CEO - $8,040. Business Tycoon - $15,000. Investor: Futures Trader - $4,480. Hedge fund Manager - $5,800. Corporate Raider - $8,720. Angel Investor - $12,992. Career: Criminal Skills: Charisma, Logic, Fitness, Computing. Objectives: Mischief. In the Criminal path you have an opportunity to become a Mob Boss, but it's going to a lengthy journey. Crimelord: Tough pal/gal - $441. Petty Thief - $546. Ringleader - $680. Felonious Monk - $806. Minor Crimelord - $960. Boss: The Muscle - $1,908. Gateway Driver - $3,822. Safecracker - $6,699. The Brains -  $8,043. The Boss -  $12,460. Tip: At level 9 you can unlock the Search for Bank Blueprints skill (Web -> Computer). It increases the Mischief & Moodlet, without making enemies for your crime-family. Career: Culinary Skills: Cooking/Gourmet Cooking, Mixology. Objective: Prepare Food, Mix Drinks. As an additional perk you can write a book on Culinary to make a lucrative royalty income. Your first path will be Assistant Dishwasher -> Line Cook from $675 to  $1,376. Later you can become either a Celebrity Chef ($9,840) or a Celebrity Mixologist ($5,910) at the level 10. Tip: This career allows you to throw parties with delicate/fancy food, which unlocks special achievements. Career: Entertainer Skills: Charisma, Rocket Science. Objectives: Write Jokes, Practice/Perform Music. Master the guitar, piano, violin or begin writing jokes. Concert Virtuoso ($2,380) and Show Stopper ($2,844) are Level-10 careers. Tip: Always brush your Sim's teeth and do other things to increase the Confidence. Career Painter Skills: Painting Objectives: Paint As a painter, you can sell your works to the gallery or via retail in Sims 4 Get to Work. Maximum income: Patron of the Arts - $1,640. Master of the Real - $2,460. Tip: Master of the Real gets the best Easel in the game. Career: Writer Skills: Writing, Charisma. Objectives: Read Books, Writing. Maximum income is: Creator of Worlds - $5,580 Scribe of History - $6,888. Choose between Journalism/Book-Writing. As a Journalist you can review other Sims' personality in a negative/positive light. Upon choosing Fabulously Wealth as a Writer, you can end up as a best-selling author. Tip: Your novels/articles can be sold for extra money. Writer's career is easier than Journalist's. Career: Tech Guru Skills: Video Gaming, Programming. Objectives: Play Video Games, Use Programming Skill. You can choose between cyber-athlete and software whizkid professions. You start off as Live Chat Support Agent -> Start-Up Genius with a maximum payment of $7,875. At the level 7 you can begin your gaming career: eSports Competitor -> Champion Gamer with $8,544 income. Career: Secret Agent Skills: Computing, Fitness, Charisma. Objectives: Browse Intelligence Data, Romantic Interactions, Mischief Interactions (evil). Opposite to Criminal, Secret Agent can supply you with $12,875 maximum. Secret Agent: Agency Clerk - $680. Intelligence Researcher - $760. Agent Handler - $840 Field Agent - $1,184. Lead Detective - $1,692. Government Agent - $1,872. Secret Agent - $2,088. Diamond Agent: Spy Captain - $4,152 Shadow Agent - $7,488 Double Diamond Agent - $12,780 Triple Agent: Double Agent - $4,584. Supreme Villain - $11,496. Triple Agent - $12,875. Secret Agent career requires only 3 days of weekly work, but the shifts are the longest in Sims 4. Tip: To stimulate the Villain progress, you should be focused. Drink Pitch Black tea, study Simipedia and play chess to boost your focus. Teen Careers For the teen Sims there are a few options to make the dough. Manual Labour Comes in especially handy if you’re planning to set up a luxurious garden later. This job mostly takes your weekends, leaving plenty of time for other activities. Traits: Athletic, Loves Outdoors.   Weekly income: Lawn Mower - $500. Landscaper - $590. Backhoe Operator - $700. 2. Retail A retail job, which produces a considerable amount of stress on your Sim at times. Takes five days a week, 4 hours a day. Traits: Self-Assured, Friend of the World. Weekly Income: Shelf Stocker - $660. Sales Floor Clerk - $800. Customer Support - $960. 3. Barista This part-time job will contribute to your Chef/Mixologist career progress. Traits: Creative. Weekly Income: Coffee Stain remover - $280. Bean Blender - $410. Latte Artiste - $620. 4. Fast Food Another good choice for future Master Chefs. Traits: Outgoing, Athletic, Foodie. Weekly income: Table Cleaner - $320. Fry Cook - $360. Table Cashier - $400. 5. Babysitter If your Sim-persona displays childish/playful traits then this job is ideal for you. Traits: Outgoing, Childish, Goofball. Weekly income: Babysitter - $396. Nanny - $480. Daycare assistant - $576.     Continue Reading